Finalist Social Assets
I designed a template for three variations of finalists: Hot Shot, Big Shot and Top 100. Every finalist received an Instagram post and story. All together, this amounted to about 8,000+ assets. I implemented the production process for the design, editorial and social teams in order to successfully deliver all 8,000 assets by the hard deadline. Using data merge in Indesign and Google Sheets, the process was seamless. 
Awards Show Slides
Using the same process as I did for the social assets, I produced more than 1,200 slides for the awards show program. Each category had it's own intro slide, a slide for each finalist shot within the category, an overall finalist slide, a top 5 slide and a winner slide. Along with producing the slides, I also had to organize them to match the official run of show and deliver in a timely manner to the show production team. Videos were also included in the ROS, I was responsible for placing these.
Printed Yearbook
A 136-page yearbook featuring all Top 25 Big Shot, Top 25 Hot Shot and Top 100 finalist images. Each finalist received a copy at the show and these were available for purchase as well. The yearbook also included client ads, which I conducted pre-flight checks for before placing in the yearbook. I set up this project as a book file in Indesign and used data merge to import information. I worked with the print vendor, checked and signed off on the proof and planned the logistics of delivery.​​​​​​​
Finalist Badges
Top 25 and Top 100 attendees received custom badges. Worked with badge vendor to design to correct spec and ensure successful delivery.
Finalist Galleries
Produced 43 large-format foam-core signs for our Top 25 and Top 100 galleries. Worked with vendor and hotel staff from start to finish—ensuring correct amount of footage available for custom-built walls. Worked with vendor on-site during installation process and confirmed proper order of signs.


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